1. What is Human Growth Hormone and what does it do?
   2. What is Secretagogue-Gold™?
   3. What benefits can I expect from taking Secretagogue-Gold™?
   4. How long will it be before I begin to notice results?
   5. Why is Secretagogue-Gold™ the number one selling anti-aging supplement on the market today? 
   6. How does Secretagogue-Gold™ work?
   7. What is so unique about Secretagogue-Gold's Delivery System?
   8. Who should take Secretagogue-Gold™?
   9. How Should I take Secretagogue-Gold™?
 10. Do you have to cycle Secretagogue-Gold™?
 11. Are there any side effects or interactions with any medications?
 12. Does Secretagogue-Gold™ interfere with any vitamins that I may be taking?
 13. What clinical studies have been done on HGH therapy? (Links to Clinical Studies Page)

1. What is Human Growth Hormone and what does it do?      [Back to Top]
Human growth hormone (HGH) is made by your pituitary gland. HGH influences the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids in the body; promote tissue growth and regeneration; regulate the secretion of other hormones and enhance immune functions. All of these physiological functions have an impact on the muscles, skin, body fat, kidneys, brain and other parts of the body, and in turn, improve healing, physical and mental health, lean body composition, bone strength, energy and metabolism.

Your body produces the most HGH when we are children and adolescence. As we age, the body’s production of HGH begins to rapidly decline. So, if you are between the ages of 35 and 70, your body is naturally producing only a tiny percentage of growth hormone than it was in your late teens. HGH secretion can decline up to 50% every 7 years after age 20. By the age of 60, HGH levels decrease by 80% from adolescent levels.

Medical researchers have reported that stimulating the pituitary gland to produce youthful levels of HGH can help rejuvenate the skin, increase lean body mass, promote energy production and build a strong immune system, reminiscent of younger days when HGH was at its peak.

2. What is Secretagogue-Gold™?      [Back to Top]
There are many symptoms of aging that negatively affect our quality of life, such as increased body fat, loss of lean muscle tissue, lower energy levels, decreased sexual function, weakened immune function, and decreased skin turgor/tightness. Many of these symptoms could be directly attributed to declining levels of HGH. Secretagogue-Gold™ is formulated to help alleviate these age related symptoms by restoring HGH and addressing certain changes that occur during the physiological aging process.

Utilizing a scientific blend of safe, clinically researched nutrients, in perfect balance, Secretagogue-Gold™ augments natural growth hormone release by supporting the body's natural physiological processes responsible for the production of HGH. It uses an advanced systemic approach, focusing on these key biomarkers of aging-stimulating the pituitary, inhibiting somatostatin, controlling blood sugar levels and improving liver functions.

Dr. Giampapa's clinically researched systemic approach is now being made available to you, in Secretagogue-Gold™, so you can look better, feel better and achieve an improved quality of life.

3. What benefits can I expect from taking Secretagogue-Gold™?      [Back to Top]
In addition to Dr. Giampapa’s research working with his patients, independent research conducted using the ingredients in Secretagogue-Gold has reported improvements in the symptoms associated with age related HGH decline. People who regularly take Secretagogue-Gold have experienced some of the following benefits:
 Increased muscle tone
 Decrease in body fat
 Increased energy, endurance and stamina
 Restoration of hair color, healthier and thicker hair
 Reduced appearance of wrinkles, improved skin elasticity and tighter skin tone
 Mood elevation
 Improved sleep
 Improved sex drive in both men and women
 Improvement in memory and mental alertness
 Improved immune function

4. How long will it be before I begin to notice results?      [Back to Top]
Some people will experience a more restful night's sleep the very first time they take Secretagogue-Gold. However, to experience the long-term wellness benefits of Secretagogue-Gold, it should be used daily as part of your age management and good health program. Based on Dr. Gimapapa’s experience with his patients and input from customers using Secretagogue-Gold, people often report that they begin to feel benefits during the first month of use.

5. Why is Secretagogue-Gold™ the number one selling anti-aging supplement on the market today?      [Back to Top]
The medical background and experience of the developer, Dr. Giampapa, has given him a greater understanding of which nutrients, the proper ratios of these nutrients, and the delivery system of those nutrients that work best to stimulate the desired response. Through years of continual practice and newly found medical research discoveries, Dr. Giampapa has formulated the most advanced and effective Age Management formula on the market today, Secretagogue-Gold™.

6. How does Secretagogue-Gold™ work?      [Back to Top]
Human growth hormone (HGH) production is a very complex process and requires other organs and hormones to work properly in order to carry out its anti-aging abilities. Many organs such as the hypothalamus, the pancreas, the pituitary and the liver all play a vital role in the overall HGH process. Secretagogue-Gold™ focuses on this entire process, making it the first and only complete systemic approach to maximizing HGH levels.

This Systemic approach is broken down into three main categories:
1. Pituitary/Hypothalamus stimulation to trigger the release of HGH
2. Pancreatic regulation to optimize blood sugar and insulin, to augment HGH and also regulate glucagon and cortisol levels
3. Hepatic (liver) nourishment and functioning for the conversion of HGH to IGF-1

For detailed information on how Secretagogue-Gold™ works, Click Here to Go To [Q&A with Dr. Giampapa] Page...

7. What is so unique about Secretagogue-Gold's Delivery System?      [Back to Top]
One of the most important things to understand is what occurs to the nutrients after you consume them. After all, it's not what you consume, but rather what you absorb that matters. Secretagogue-Gold� contains amino acids in specific ratios that are very sensitive to the harsh acidic environment of the stomach. In most other formulas, the acidity of the stomach renders these amino acids useless. Secretagogue-Gold� addresses this issue with a proprietary effervescent Polymer Transport Matrix delivery system that helps neutralize the PH of the gastric acids in the stomach so that these amino acids are carried into the bloodstream intact, where they carry out their mission to stimulate the release of HGH. Absorption becomes even more important with the onset of aging in general as the body loses the ability to absorb key nutrients including amino acids. This delivery system ensures proper absorption of the nutrients so they may perform their tasks.

8. Who should take Secretagogue-Gold™?      [Back to Top]
Anyone over the age of 35 looking to improve their overall general health and well-being.

9. How should I take Secretagogue-Gold™?      [Back to Top]
Mix one packet in 5-6 oz of water and stir gently. Secretagogue-Gold is most effective when taken on an empty stomach, preferably 2-3 hours before or after a meal. For optimum results, Secretagogue-Gold should be taken every evening on an empty stomach before bed. Continue the use of Secretagogue-Gold for long-term benefits.

10. Do you have to cycle Secretagogue-Gold™?      [Back to Top]
Secretagogue-Gold is unique because it stimulates your body in a natural fashion. Because of this, there is no need to cycle Secretagogue-Gold. The daily use of Secretagogue-Gold is recommended for maximum long-term benefits.

11. Are there any side effects or interactions with any medications?      [Back to Top]
Secretagogue-Gold is safe for most individuals, but if you have any concerns or medical conditions, you should always consult your physician before using. It is not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician or other healthcare provider. Any attempt to diagnose and treat an illness should be done under the direction of a healthcare professional.

12. Does Secretagogue-Gold™ interfere with any vitamins that I may be taking?      [Back to Top]
No, but for maximum benefit, Secretagogue-Gold is most effective when taken on an empty stomach, preferably 2-3 hours before or after a meal.